Image by Aaron Burden

Welcome to our very first sunflower competition! With all entry fees going to the British Heart Foundation, its a fantastic and worthwhile activity! 

Make sure to plant your seeds as soon as possible, and if you didn't sign up on May Day, you can still enter by emailing us and either getting your own seed or stopping by the shop to collect your seed, pot and compost. Please note, if you do not enter and pay the entry fee you may not submit a prize winner sunflower! 

Let the growing commence! 

Want to donate some more? You can by following this link

welcome to the
sunflower competition

What to do

1 May

May - August

15-31 August

Plant your seed! Fill the pot 3/4 of the way with soil, make a little hole with your finger and place the seed inside. Fill the pot with soil. Make sure to add your email to our list of entries! You can do so here

Keep your sunflower well watered and in a sunny spot. Once you see a sizeable plant coming out of the soil surface, transfer the plant to a larger pot or to your flowerbed in a sunny position. 

If the sunflower starts to grow very tall, you may want to consider a support. 

It's time to submit your sunflowers! We are looking for 3 seperate prizes to award. These are: 

Tallest sunflower

Sunflower with the biggest flower

Sunflower with the most heads on one stem.

So take a photo with a measuring tape in clear view and send them in! The deadline and announcing of winners will be 31st August. You can email your entries here along with your names, age, and contact details.